Deposit Policy

When booking your first appointment at Crop you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit. You can either do this online, through an email link or in the salon. This is then deducted from your final bill.

We ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel to allow us a chance to “fill” this appointment time. If you give us less than 48hr notice we will charge you 25% of your bill, less than 24hr notice we will charge you 50% of your bill. 

If you have saved your details on to our payment system the saved card will be automatically charged.

Deposit Policy Questions

Brilliant, along as the appointment time is filled we won’t charge you a cancellation fee. Please just make sure it is for the same service and we have enough time for your friend and they have had any necessary allergy tests.

Please do not come to the salon when you are unwell. Unfortunately you will still be applicable for a cancellation fee.

If you give us as much notice as possible we will do our best to fill the appointment. If we manage to fill the appointment we will not charge a cancellation fee. We will never make a profit from a cancellation fee, we only have this policy in place to cover any losses.

We can’t force you to pay this but Please be aware this will be stored against your profile and it will be added to your next bill with us.

Just like rooms in a hotel, we have limited appointments available. When you book that time out, that is reserved for you. It is highly likely that when you cancel at the last minute we will not be able to fill that appointment gap and the stylist will lose out on their commission. We don’t believe this is fair so we have this in place to protect our staff and our business.

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