Our Team


Usually in Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat
Our bubbly stylist Toni is upbeat and precise, she prides herself on always being on time and consistent. Always a pleasure.

Hair Icon: Jessie J
Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite era: 90s
Music loves: 90s garage
Specialities: Precision cuts, Men’s cuts, Balayage.


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat

Comedian Sean is our most experienced stylist. Sean has over 30 years of hairdressing behind him so has some great stories to share and knows his craft.

Hair Icon: Audrey Hepburn
Favourite film: Star Wars
Favourite era: 80s
Music loves: Brit pop
Specialities: Short textured cuts, Perms, Dad Jokes!


If you are looking for fresh colour our lovely Leanne is your girl. She is always fun, chatty and caring. Being a Mum of three she is the ultimate multitasker!

Hair Icon: Stacey Dooley
Favourite film: Bohemian Rhapsody
Favourite era: 80s
Music loves: Queen
Specialities: Balayage, highlights and all things colour.


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat

Calm and collected Jess is a favourite for colour and great at delivering a relaxing experience.

Hair Icon: Jennifer Aniston
Favourite film: Pretty Woman
Favourite era: 60s
Music loves: Anything and everything
Specialities: Balayage, Highlights, Braiding.


Usually in Mon /Tues /Fri & Sat
Creative and composed Amber with a flare for hair. Amber loves learning new techniques and keeping her work modern. If you’re looking for something unique, she’s your girl.

Hair icon: Cher
Favourite film: Bridesmaids
Favourite era: 00s
Music: Loves 2000s pop
Specialities: Creative Colour


Usually in Mon/Tues/Wed/Sat

Charming Katie is Crops Junior. Usually your first point of call in the salon, welcoming you with a great cuppa and even better hair wash. We cant wait to see how her hairdressing skills blossom.

Hair Icon: Marilyn Monroe
Favourite film: Wild child
Favourite era: 80s
Music loves: everything (except classical)
Specialities: Naturaltech hair treatments, glamorous curls.


Usually in Mon/Wed/Sat
Currently on maternity leave.
Our lovely salon owner Millie brings lots of different experiences to Braintree. Follower of the Curly Girl method and full of hair and eco- tips that she is always happy share.

Hair Icon: Stevie Nicks
Favourite film: Inception
Favourite era: 70s
Music loves: Trip hop
Specialities: Curly cutting, colour corrections, head massages.

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