Hair Trends – French Glossing

This is a new hair trend direct from the streets of Paris!

French Glossing is, although fairly new, set to be a huge trend for summer. This technique promises to transform dull, dry and frizzy hair into shiny healthy and vibrant locks.

Permanent hair colour is applied to the roots, whilst a gloss is distributed through the mid-lengths and ends using a gradient technique, which brings out different tones in the hair, giving the lengths a modern, ombre effect. 

This technique is a great service if you want to refresh the same shade you’ve had for years, or compliment an existing balayage or refresh highlights, and can be tailored to any shade. 

If you would like to know more about this technique or any colour services that we offer, we offer free 15 minutes consultations with all our stylists, that way you can figure out together what you want to achieve and plan for your next look! This is always highly recommended when thinking of a change. 

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